Civil Engineering:

  • Real Estate (Property) Subdivisions and Lot Line Alterations;

  • Municipal Approval Process Management;

  • Plan and Model Development using AutoCAD Civil-3D;

  • Land Grading with Sedimentation and Erosion Control;

  • Roadway Layout and Profiles;

  • Highway Access Management;

  • Parking Area Layout and Building Access;

  • Drainage Analyses and Storm Water Management Systems;

  • Water Supply Systems; and,

  • Sewage Disposal Systems.


Structural Engineering:

  • Beams, Columns and Building Frames;

  • Steel, Concrete, Masonry and Wood Systems and Components;

  • Retaining Walls;

  • Foundations;

  • Floor and Roof Framing Systems;

  • Lateral Load (Wind and Seismic) Resisting Systems;


Building Engineering:

  • Engineered Wood Products; and,

  • Modular Building Systems.

  • Small Electrical and Mechanical Systems;

  • Geothermal Systems; and

  • Pre-Engineered Building Systems coordination.

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